Always look on the bright side of life

We all experience setbacks at Work, in business, in teams, in our Country and in our personal lives. We also, can all relate to these setbacks and can allow them to ruin the rest of the day, the week, the project or even our lives – but we all have a choice…  Simples.

We can choose to bounce back and re-launch ourselves towards our goals and successes.  It’s a life skill we all need to learn and keep close to us in all aspects.

Imagine if you could automatically bounce back from any setback you come across, take action into turning things around, making the process a habit. How much closer would you be to achieving your goals ? Here are some simple tips to help you initiate that correct thought process to achieve what you need to.

Focus on the goal… and re focus on the goal….

Remind yourself of exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

Perhaps this has changed and is now not possible, so  re-evaluate.

What is the best outcome considering the circumstances? Hold on to this tightly.

Where’s your Passion ?

Any goals you want to achieve start with the desire to succeed, the passion behind it. Find that passion put it to the fore front of your mind now.

Automatically this emotion will drive you forward. Turn that Negativity up side down.



Ask yourself what might the positive be here – after all there is good in every situation.  It is only how you, as an individual view it.

Open your mind, search for the advantages and ask yourself how can you use the good in this ?



Get on with it, don’t think, don’t hesitate, find it and start to focus on actioning it. This will help restart your momentum.


Stop reflecting on situations that are out of your control and start focusing on things that you can change and are inside your control. Simply ask yourself, is this out of your control ?

We all have limited time, energy and headspace and these are so valuable to us in our busy lives.  Learning to let go of the things you can’t do anything about is hard, but it is achievable.

Ask yourself again, is this situation inside my control? If so, will it make the boat go faster?


Be good to yourself.

Give yourself a chance and allow time, time to turn things around… Rome was not built in a day and we all know this. Things may not happen overnight but keep your beliefs and trust in yourself – they will happen if you want them to.

Peace out