The Britannia – This ship has sailed!

“What’s taller than the Shard, longer than 10 Blue Whales and costs £500 million?”

“A 143,000 ton luxury Cruise Ship called the Britannia.”

By now the Britannia has taken in the Mediterranean sunshine on its maiden voyage. But how did one local company help behind the scenes? Here are a few highlights from Footprint’s journey… (around a Lower Swanwick car park – not quite the Med, but hey-ho!)

Like all good marketing it started with an idea, this time, somewhere in the P&O ether. They needed to rebrand over 45 Taxis on short notice. We’re talking within four days! The timescale obviously leads to a certain amount of ‘get in gear’ pep talks, but as long as the grand sunny southern weather continued, that was going to pose no problem for the Footprint team…or so you’d think.

The day of the fitting came. The vehicle livery had been specified, ordered and printed. Now we just needed the Taxis. One by one they arrived, ready and waiting for their shiny new makeover.

Unfortunately, the rain and the wind arrived at just about the same time. What a great coincidence! But, with good customer service in mind and a healthy dose of the ‘grin and bear it’ attitude, Steve, with a little help from a friend or two, managed against the storm. Successfully battling the wind, rain and wet trousers to get all the Taxis rebranded on time. And they looked great (the taxis that is – Steve and Co looked liked drowned rats).

That was the end of the Britannia adventure for the Footprint team (although Steve did get to have a look around the ship). They didn’t meet the Queen or hear Suzy Perry start the engines, but they did dry off, sit back and look back on a job well done. Long live the Footprint team!

The P&O team helpfully put some facts and news together. You can take a look at the facts about the Britannia on the infographic webpage. Or catch up with the latest news on the P&O website.