Photo Restoration at Footprint

Don & his wife had never had a photo of the two of them when they were younger and came to Footprint to recreate an image of the two of them together and bring it to life. You can see the stages of the restoration below and 50 years later we have helped make their dream a reality. 

For Footprint, the reason why photo restoration is so important is because you are restoring the captured moments of your family history for future generations to enjoy.

You probably have a box of old photos that are slowly deteriorating and those memories are fading away. Restoring them will create a backup, giving your descendants a visual evidence to their past. Plus, if you are into genealogy, having a pictorial accompaniment can really add that special something to your family tree – matching faces with names!

Photo restoration is also a thoughtful and touching gift idea for a relative or friend – why not have their favourite photo restored and frame it?

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