Print is not dead!

Footprint South know it is still very much alive and kicking… The world wide web is where we go to get answers

Here at Footprint South we have been hearing on the grape vine that print and printing is on a decline of this busy creative business world we all work in but let me reinforce this very quickly indeed as this statement is far from truth.

There are so many reasons why print and printing is very much alive and kicking in all areas especially here on the South Coast. We know all businesses use various types of print and printing as their primary marketing tools successfully with proven results.

Print still packs a punch with Footprint South.

Print is Tangible

Footprint South offers an experience for the senses that the world wide web can’t match. You can smell the ink, see the design, feel the paper/material and taste your success. A customer physically takes your eight page brochure with them and holds on to it and it is transformed into a travelling salesperson… (and no Wi-Fi is needed to access the information.)

Print is Effective

Customers increasingly overlook, delete, or mark email marketing as spam before reading any of it and everyone is on the band wagon. Not to mention everything that gets caught in those spam filters and junk folders – Your marketing emails that never quite get to the right mailbox. With printed mailing and promotional campaigns, your customers see it and believe it as it’s visual, its eye catching and draws them in to read and keep the product … It is proved that consumers do scan one side at the very least of any print products used and is put in front of them. Look and think of bill boards, banners, posters, signs, these are all effective printed products that catches your eye, draws you in and remain very popular indeed.

Print is Relatable

Do not be fooled in to thinking everyone uses the Internet as their top information source. Many established businesses do not target their audience just through the digital era. Exhibitions and events will never die in the digital era and all the information you see on the exhibitions stands including signage, maps, brochures, leaflets, cards, bags, free merchandise, vinyls, stickers, etc … everything had to be printed with the company logo and strap lines. Creating brand loyalty and continuity throughout.

Print is Self-sufficient

Print design stands without using any technology to the consumer. How many times have you wanted to do something on your phone when you don’t have a signal or Wi-Fi connection? Plus we all have those moments in life when we want to unplug, turn off the computer, tablet and mobile phones, just to have a break preferring to engage with print material – magazines, books, light reading material or even communicate with other people.

Print is Useful

Using print for direct mailing campaigns can include your company logos and strap lines on magnets, rulers, umbrellas, cups, stationery items, wallet cards, Calendars, mouse mats and many more items. This leaves the customer with something useful and a permanent point of reference of your company leading them back to you easily and consistently.

Print is Creative

Print design and artwork with flair. Catching customers through effective visual design creates more opportunities than you realise. The limitations are endless with design. It is within our own minds when we fail to conceive and design outside the box. Print is an opportunity to create an experience for your audience. Print Creativity options of folds, foils, gloss, spot UV and die cuts are just a few exciting ways to make your print products stand up and stand out.

Print is green(ish)

Often overlooked by us all the use of Digital’s do have a negative environmental impact. As such as those, from producing and disposing of electronic devices. Print has a one-time carbon footprint, while digital media requires energy each time it’s viewed. Printed material is more easily recycled and less toxic than electronic devices. And we can use recycled materials for your range of printed products too.


Print is Complementary

If you combine the power of print and digital marketing together and place this in front of your customer multiple times you are guaranteed results. Multiple marketing combination ensures success, so use the best of both worlds to reach your target audience and get results.

So you see I set you a challenge, just see how many printed products and materials you are using in your business right now, I suspect you have so many that you didn’t even realise. Do they need updating, revamping, new designs, and new strap lines in order to get your business noticed.

So I can conclude print, printing, design and artwork is very much alive with Footprint South and we are here to help you create, visual affordable solutions using print products effectively and that get your business noticed.

Our friendly knowledgeable staff are here to help you create that striking marketing campaign that will make sure stand out from the crowd.

Footprint South creating effective affordable print and design solutions so your business gets results.

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