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Make a great first impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s the right one, with business card printing from Footprint South. Our unbeatable range of substrates, including Soft Touch and Spot UV, offer a creative solution for every client.

  • Our 400gsm Premium Silk cards offer unrivalled value.
  • For a sophisticated finish, try our Matt Laminated cards, available in both 400gsm and 450gsm. These cards are built to withstand the everyday wear-and-tear of life on the road. Its smooth finish brings out the lighter colours in the graphic, and allows for a softer image.
  • Add a Spot UV coating to your 450gsm Matt Laminated cards for a targeted glossy finish. It creates a unique tactile and visual effect, which clearly sets it apart from all other cards on the market.
  • Dazzle with our Gloss Laminated cards, with a reflective shine that brightens your graphics, and creates vibrant colours. On a super thick 450gsm card, it’s water-resistant, and has a strong tactile grip.
  • Some things have to be felt to be believed. Our 450gsm Soft Touch cards have an astonishingly velvet finish. This card exudes class and sophistication, and is a must have for premium businesses.

Technical Specifications for Business Card Printing

  • For Spot UV business cards, please supply your artwork as a 4-page PDF. Page 1 is the front of the artwork, page 2 is the back of the artwork, page 3 is the Spot UV artwork for the front and page 4 is the Spot UV artwork for the back.
    • The Spot UV artwork should contain solid black shapes in the exact position where the Spot UV is required.
    • Please ensure Spot UV artwork is 100% black only and does not contain any cyan, magenta or yellow.
    • We advise that Spot UV artwork is supplied as vector to ensure the best result.
    • Please note: Spot UV is applied using a process similar to screen printing, and has registration tolerances of approximately ±0.5 mm. It is not therefore recommended that small text or thin lines are Spot UV’d as perfect register cannot be guaranteed.
    • If you are printing a one-sided document, then a 2-page PDF is required where page 1 is the design and page 2 is the Spot UV artwork.
    • If you are printing a double-sided document but Spot UV is required on one side only, then still submit a 4-page PDF leaving the page blank where Spot UV is not required.
  • Finished size is 85 x 55mm (91 x 61mm with 3mm bleed)
  • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
  • Supply as a CMYK PDF
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300dpi resolution
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Soft touch business cards footprint south
SpotUV business cards footprint south

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