Why do you need mobile responsive design?

Mobile Responsive Design – Why?

Just in case the news that Google changed the way it ranks websites has got you thinking…

There’s been a lot of news on the web lately about how Google have changed the way it ranks websites. Some of it can be confusing. All you need to ask is why do I need mobile responsive design and is my website compatible?

Here is some helpful advice on why your website should be mobile responsive designed. There is also a link to check if your website has mobile responsive design:

Mobile Responsive Design Infographic

If your site doesn’t pass the test, we’ll have a chat with you about how to make it mobile friendly and what we can do to help. Then we can get round to making the Googlebots happy.

We realise that cost may be a factor as to whether you go ahead and make any changes. We have a discount available for all those customers who have read this article and contact us. Just quote ‘HanaWeb’ and you will get 10 per cent off any amendments to your existing website.